A Dapple a Day Makes a Clean House

Did you ever get a little leery wiping your kids stuff down yet again with one of those “kills everything in a millisecond” wipes? I sort of wonder sometimes if my daughter is going to grab her truck one day and her skin will melt right off. Yes, these are the things that keep me up at night – no wonder I’m a wreck!

But lucky for you! Because my search for the cure to my messy house has uncovered Dapple’s Dish Liquid, the bottle you can squeeze on the baked-on gunk on the bottom of your saute pan without worrying that you’re sacrificing their tummy for your insane need to get every last little streak off of that metal. Phthalate, dye and paraben-free, the Dapple line isn’t just about cleaning your life by going green, it’s the answer to going green and still getting the place clean.

Now if only they’d make something to zap the stench of milk left in a sippy cup at the bottom of the toy box over a weekend.


  1. I ordered some of this stuff and it’s great!! I find vinegar and some good airing gets at those funky smells.

  2. I will have to order some. I am always looking for alternatives.

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