Act Like You Own the Place

Growing families means a growing Christmas list (or Hannukah list for some). And although it’s October, I’m already on the lookout for something, ANYTHING I can buy for the “I have everything and enough money to buy the rest” people on the list. You know, the in-laws.

YourNameUniversity caught my eye after I shot birthday pictures for a friend back in June and she dressed her kids in matching baseball outfits – with their last name emblazoned on the back. “I need those!” I told her.

This place riffs off the same concept, but makes you look like your parents threw a mint at some place in EastNosepick, and they named the place after you! Yes, I am now walking around town with my own “Sager University, Established . . . ” t-shirt. I keep telling my husband he should have gotten me one of these eight years ago (exactly as of Tuesday!). It cracks me up – and it looks like it really came out of an “official bookstore” – it’s not a cheap iron-on.

See – not just a Christmas present, but a shower gift (no more going off the boring old registry). They’ll dummy up 60 different products with your name on them – for the family reunion, the new baby . . . it’s all up to you. And it gets you off the hook with your in-laws. That’s what I call a good Christmas gift.

Oh, and since I’m talking Christmas, Larry at YourNameUniversity says all OFFICIAL SANTA LANDING ZONE YARD SIGN sales between today and the end of December will help Fisher House, a non-profit that provides military families temporary housing near a hospital when a loved one has been hurt. So if you’re one of those people who actually gets their butt in gear and decorates (man, I wish I had that kind of ambition), here’s your first stop.

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