Air Pack Backs Up that Sagging Back

My back hurts. And as much as I’d like to blame it on being a parent, I think it’s a combination of being a photographer, a mom, and a product of my generation. My parents weighed my backpack once – it was 25 pounds. This was when I was in third grade. I didn’t weigh a whole heck of a lot more than that.

Thank goodness backpacks have come a long way since then. I know this is more of a back-to-school issue, but I just found the Eastsport Airpack, and I’m hooked. It’s got your standard bells and whistles for a backpack – with the quality that comes standard with the Eastsport name. But at the base of the back is an inflated cushion. Think of it as the lumbar support from your car’s seat for a backpack. Located in a zippered compartment (so it can be removed if you’re crazy enough to do so!), the bubble of air provides a barrier from the bouncing and jarring of the bag’s contents on your delicate backbone. Or in the case of your kids, it’s keeping the weight of 25 pounds of heavy textbooks from crunching that still-growing spine.

Think of it as another anti-aging secret – so you won’t be whining about your bad back at 40 (and neither will your kids). Just look for the lumbar support if you’re buying Eastsport online or “air pack” if you’re picking one up off the shelves.

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