Breakfast That’s Not All Bad

While the world is having a hissy fit because kids cereals are loaded with sugar (hello, where have you been every morning people? Drink your coffee and go back to your paper), I’m just trying to convince my daughter to eat breakfast!

Somehow, I was blessed with the child who isn’t interested in munching in the morning, and it comes back to bite her in the rear in nursery school. I don’t want to sugar her up, but I’m not going to convince her by putting a bowl of sticks and twigs in front of her either.

We’ve come to a compromise with EnviroKidz. All organic (with the USDA Organic seal on the box), they’re packed with the kinds of things we wouldn’t eat when we were kids because they sounded too good for us (think quinoa, bran . . .). But cross my heart and kiss my elbow, they taste good!

My daughter’s favorite, the Penguin Puffs, remind me of Corn Pops – not that I was allowed to eat those very often! Made from whole grains with brown rice, Kamut, corn and quinoa, the puffs are surprisingly sweet, low in fat and packed with fiber. She’s also a fan of the Leapin’ Lemurs, which I confess I haven’t tasted – I’m not a peanut butter fan. But all I had to say was “they have chocolate in them,” and the first bowl was gone. Then she asked for seconds.

When we’re on the go, I’ve opted for the EnviroKidz bars, another option that’s a little lower in sugar than your traditional breakfast bar and disappears in seconds. She eats the Lemur version with its peanut butter and chocolate drizzle, while I opt for the Penguin Fruity Crispy Rice which isn’t as sickly sweet as the other kids bars I’m used to.

I guess I haven’t grown up yet – I still prefer the kid’s cereals, even the healthy versions!

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