Clickfree is the Way to be

With all the writing I do, I sometimes feel like I’m married to my computer. Fortunately, my real husband realizes I could be cheating with electronics of another sort, so we’re OK.

But unlike the spouse I can sweet talk and con with a new video game, this baby needs to be watched like a hawk. My biggest fear? The day it crashes and takes every wedding photo I’ve shot in the last year and a half with it.

How many of you have backed up your hard drive? I know, boring computer geek stuff, but it has to be done. And now it doesn’t take the geek in you to do it!

Clickfree takes plug and play to the next level. Slightly shorter than a DVD case and just a bit fatter, the back-up drive is portable and literally plugs in and starts working. No downloading drivers. No inputting numbers. No installing software. Plug it in, and it starts looking for files, which it grabs, copies and stores.

Just think of it as a pre-nup!

By the way, the makers of Clickfree are currently offering free shipping, so get on over there and start saving your memories
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