Do You Eat, Sleep, Do You Listen?

I am going to be dating myself here, but I remember one of the first CDs I bought with the money I squirreled away after plenty of Friday nights spent baby-sitting. Lisa Loeb’s Tails wasn’t my first album, but it was the first I bought on CD – after years of oh-so-carefully crafting mix tapes of songs taped in bits and pieces off of the radio.

So when I found out Lisa was putting out a kid’s CD (her second, apparently, I guess I’m a bit behind), I confess I decided I had to have it for me as much as I did for my daughter. Camp Lisa has the some classics (who didn’t try to keep up with the music as they patted their belly and rubbed their head – and then reversed it – to the tune of Father Abraham?), but it’s also packed with classic examples of the song-writing talents that made Lisa a radio staple in the ’90s.

At the heart, it’s an ode to camp, but kids don’t have to spend eight weeks away from Mom and Dad to know all-too-well the tale of the Disappointing Pancake (think on top of spaghetti for the breakfast club) or know what it’s like to find the kid you didn’t like at the beginning of the day is now your Best Friend. My favorite kids’ CDs are always the ones I could find myself sticking in the car and letting spin, whether my daughter is in the car or not. This one hits the mark – Lisa Loeb doing kids’ music is as catchy to me as Lisa doing adult music when I was a teenager.

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  1. I’m huge Lisa Loeb fan… thanks for the info! itunes here I come!

  2. My sis sent me some of the tracks and they are great… so glad not to listen to the same old kid tunes over and over and over and over…. can’t wait to get the CD!

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