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Going into this economy, there’s still one reason I’m glad we bought a new car this year – despite the accompanying monthly payment. The auxiliary jack for my iPod keeps me sane driving from interview to interview. Yes, I know there are other iPod-to-car stereo hook-ups that are a lot cheaper than the mom wagon. But, hey, we all need to find the silver lining.

There’s a secondary benefit – I’ve always got to find the mom side. Now that mp3 players and the ability to play them have taken over, the ‘net is brimming with places to download mp3s of kids stories, so they can “read” without dragging a pile of heavy books on the road. The bulk of the tales of them come in video form, with “pages” so the kids get to see the pictures and the words, and if you plug in their headphones they hear the stories playing out for them.

Speakaboos is still building up its repertoire, but fairy tales, fables, nursery rhymes and more are read by stars like DJ Skribble, Chazz Palminteri, Nick Cannon and Ally Sheedy. Downloading costs the same as a standard download, or they can be watched on-site for free (for when your babysitter calls out, and you have to drag the kids to work).

Maggie Tales are read by unknowns, but the host of stories are fresh, giving kids a chance to expand their “bookshelves.” The price is even better – free downloads are available for iPods, Apple TV, Sony PSP and a list of other platforms.

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