Fancy Audra? She Wins Fancy Nancy

The Fancy Nancy Giveaway closed last night, and helped me pick a winner (because I can’t choose between them all!).

The fancy prize (for a fancy girl?) goes to Audra, who has 72 hours to shoot an e-mail my way to pick a game! Oh, and since we’re talking about responding, I’ve got good news and bad news. Only two of the winners from the Pedia-Lax giveaway responded, so I get to pick an extra new winner! This is why I’m such a nudge about subscribing – because I hate to let something good pass you by! So if you haven’t, do it, and maybe I’ll leave you alone.

As for the winner, ahem . . . ., Danielle is the final pick on the Pedia-Lax giveaway.

Remember to check out the other giveaways I have up, I’m going to go eat dinner (my husband picked up pizza, yup, I’ve got him well trained!).

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