For When You’re Not in the Mood

You know all those cutesy “you know you’re a parent when . . . ” e-mails? I warn you, this isn’t one of those sites.

In my (not-so-humble) opinion, you know you’re a parent when your kids embarrass the bejesus out of you in public. Yes, I just said bejesus. Bear with me, I’m trying to clean up the act now that I’m a parent.

My dear, darling daughter, has the habit of whipping things out of my purse (the Ju-Ju-Be Be Light, by the way) and sharing them with the world. Yes, my tampons too (I apologize to my guy readers, but no topic is off limits anymore. I wipe someone’s butt on a regular basis.). Which is why, after all these years of discreetly slipping one out and into my sleeve, I’ve had to invest in something to hide them.

Fortunately, the Moodeez tampon holders could be a little bag for anything. Designed for protecting tampons from being opened in the bottom of the purse, they’re finding new life as a Mom protector from outright embarrassment when our kids go fishing in the middle of a store and yell “Mom, what’s this?” while pulling out their find.

Lightweight and washable, the Moodeez are available in more than a dozen styles to suit your fancy, and they can double up as a mini bag to stow little toys or little snacks. Or, better yet, keep something just for yourself for once! Oh, and buy one for your teen daughter. She might actually thank you for something before she slams the door again.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. In my world, nothing is sacred. I have 19 month old triplets Sophia, James, and Brian, and 2 month old twins Ella and Pat. When the kids are down for their naps, I indulge in the adult world by reading your column. Flashing around tampons is nothing, try walking around Pathmark with a triplet hanging on to your shorts and pulling them down for the whole world to see!

  2. At least I’m not the only mother out there who has had this sort of thing happen to me. My little one is always looking for toys or whatever in my purse and of course he has to choose those to pull out. Got to love them. šŸ™‚

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