For Your Little Night Owl

There is one thing that got me through all those sleepless nights after my daughter was born. Alcohol. Oh, sorry. I wasn’t supposed to share that. No, alas, I was a good mommy and refrained.

Nightgowns. I don’t care if you’re having a boy. I don’t care if you don’t have kids (you’re going to a baby shower someday). You need to invest. Because in the middle of the night, when you haven’t slept in three weeks and you have to do yet another diaper change, no one . . . NO ONE . . . can manage those little snaps and buttons on those cutesy wootsy sleepers. NO one.

So don’t waste your money. Seriously. For the 0 to 3 month range, nightgowns were about the only thing my daughter wore – a few onesies during the day and one gorgeous dress that I got a whole day out of (Parent secret here: for the most part, 0 to 3 month clothes are a rip off. You buy them for us, our kids never wear them)

But Baby Yap Yap is the one place I’ve got bookmarked for every baby shower from here on out. Devoted solely to nightgowns for the 0 to 3 month set, bodysuits and tees for the kids up to 24 months, Baby Yap Yap can keep them clothed for the first few years.

Reasonably priced and ultra soft (100 percent cotton, of course), the Baby Yap Yap Night Owl gown is one of those 0 to 3 month must haves you know they’ll actually use. The line drawings are simple, clean and classic – and come in other critters too. Silly Goose, Copycat and Hungry Hippo get the Inside Out stamp of approval as well.

So buy ’em up, and if they complain – tell them to shut their yap.


  1. I totally agree. DS was in nightgowns for the first couple months even when he wasn’t sleeping. They make life so much easier and these are so cute.

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