Free Your Face . . . and the Rest Will Follow

Sometimes I get things in the mail and wonder, huh, did I ask for this? It’s not that I’m disorganized (at least that’s what I keep telling myself). I’ve got mom brain, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

The thing about the Tassi is, it’s made for holding back your hair. OK, if you’re reading this online, look to the little picture at the left of the page. The one of me with my husband and daughter. Are you seeing a problem? Yeah – no hair.

Fortunately for them (and sometimes for me?) my daughter does. A lot of it. Less than a few days ago, but still, she of the long locks was the only hope for a product that promises you can Free Your Face.

For you moms out there with little girls who hate having their hair in their face when they’re brushing their teeth in the morning, this thing rocks! And I’d imagine it’s the kind of thing all you long-haired freaks, er, people (sorry, I really like long hair . . . on everyone but me!) need for keeping your face clear for makeup mornings and the like.

It looks like a giant scrunchie, but the Tassi is actually a soft band with just enough elastic that it will hold the bangs off the face and maintain the mane while you get things done. Think a shower cap without the ugly plastic or that awful red line that remains when you take it off. It’s terry-cloth soft, and it won’t mess up your hair!

For any mom who has struggled to get their daughters’ hair “just right” then realized you have to do a scrub-down of grape jelly off the cheeks and eyelids . . . when you’re already 10 minutes late for work . . . the Tassi is a lifesaver.

Buy two now, by the way, and they’re offering free shipping. I’m thinking stocking stuffer.

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