Get a Case of the Giggles

It holds some of my favorite memories from my childhood. I never wanted to give up bathtime.

Splashing the walls, the toys . . . the floor. It’s enough to give any kid a fit of the giggles. Wet Giggles. Or should I say Wett Giggles? If you prefer your giggles with a fruity flavor, check out the New York-based company’s line of little glycerin soaps with a funky nail brush in the center of the cake.

The “let me do it myself” phase has come in like a lion at our house, and Wett Giggles animal nailbrushes have helped us negotiate a peace treaty. Perhaps it helps that there’s no lion in the bunch? There is a cow, though. A puppy dog, a frog, a bear and a hand full of other critters encased in gentle fruit-scented soap to help you glide through the fight and back to fun at bathtime too.

The soaps, made of shea butter and essential oils, is gentle enough for giggling kids’ skin, and can be purchased separately. But you’ll be losing some of the giggle. . .

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