Glory for Girls is Glory for Mom Too

I don’t have a teenage girl yet, but I know it’s coming. And I’m not even going to pretend I’ll ever be ready. I’m watching the 12-year-old next door (who I’m grooming to be my next babysitter, by the way) closely so I can at least get a jump on the years ahead. More than anything, it’s reminded me to look back at my own teenage years . . . and take a look at my life right now.

There are some basics we all want. Whether we’re 13, 23 or 43, we want to look and smell nice – without a whole lot of work. And we want to be distinctive.

The Glory for Girls line of teen beauty products stands out for its simplicity. The bottles are basic, the scents fresh and fruity. And the ingredient list is easy enough to decipher. The everyday lotions and body washes are free of sulfates, parabens and other toxic nasties (to borrow a word from Ghostbusters) – which makes Mom as comfortable doling these out for kids’ delicate skin as it does dipping under the surface of a relaxing bath with them herself.

The Glory line also sports its own lip balm (it goes on clear Mom, don’t worry) with a beeswax base and a smell that makes licking the lips all the more tempting. Coupled with sunscreen and deodorant made in the same vein, these will keep the glory of youth going for years to come.

Coming from Glory’s parent company Glory For All – I’ve got to say, we could all use a little glory. So if you don’t have a teenaged girl at home, don’t worry – stock up for yourself. I won’t tell.

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