Happy Panda Dresses Them Up Without the Itch

I am a sucker for a cute face. Especially when it’s big and furry with little black patches around the eyes and a roly poly body below. Honestly, can pandas get any more scrum-diddly-umptious?

They just did. Happy Panda has just one – which they’re in the process of fixing with a line expansion – their clothes don’t come big enough for my kid! But with plans in the process to expand the line, and plenty for the little bear cubs already online, I promise you’ll find something (almost) as cute as the critter they’re named for.

For legs that are growing by leaps and bounds that aren’t quite matched by tummy growth, the Panda Pants are a solution to keeping our kids from earning a reputation as a diaper flasher. As cuddly as a panda, they’re soft and tagless – as are all the panda tees, onesies and other attire. Happy Panda’s printed-on “tag” will leave baby’s skin itch-free. See – cuddly as a panda.


  1. Oh!! It’s nice and comfortable for kids…

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