Help for You – and the Kids: Winner

We must have had a glitch along the way, because we had just five entries for the How to Take Care of My Kids giveaway (plus one e-mailed to me for a total of six). I hope this is because everyone rushed over to buy themselves this kick-hiney book – which has made me the organized mama I’m always pretending to be! If you missed out, check out the folks over at By The Book Kids, and they’ll get you on track.

OK, what we’ve all been waiting for. With a total of six entries, and two from Natasha, who grabbed my badge, she had an edge. picked number four . . . and that’s her!! She’s a subscriber, so I know she’ll get this message and know to contact me – which, by the way, is the best way to be on top of the winners and the new giveaways. Remember, one goes up every Monday and Wednesday – which means be on the lookout tomorrow!

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  1. Yay!!! Yes, I thought the entries (or lack thereof) were strange too! It’s quite possible that everyone else has well behaved children and couldn’t think of a horrifying story!

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