I Need Help Mamas

So I wrote up this piece over at the new gig (you’re following me on Strollerderby, right? If you’re not, get yourself over there my dears – I crack wise daily as well as serving up the news you need to know).

Anyway, I’ve realized since Jillian was born just how lucky I am to have a girl. Before she got here, I just wanted a little person with 10 toes, 10 fingers, one nose . . . the works. I just wanted a healthy little mix of Jonathan and I (OK, OK, I’ll laugh off the schmaltz). But now that I have a girl, I don’t know that I’d want a boy.

Anyone else have that feeling? The feeling that the gender you got is just right and you’d like another of that same gender?

So the piece is the funny (I think) reasons girls are better. You can check it out here (I promise, hilarity will ensue) But I promised everyone a piece on why boys are better! Now I need help – because, quite obviously, I’m all up in the girly business here.

So can I get some help here moms? I get plenty of comments on my giveaways (and thank you all for that), but I need to know someone is awake out there!

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  1. I agree since i had my daughter i don’t want a boy. I’m sure women who have boys say the same thing they don’t want girls. I don’t think it’s the fact of not wanting a boy it’s the fact of what would we do with a boy? I mean we play house, tea parties, and make-up. Then i go to my brothers house yes my nephew is cute no doubt but he wants to wrestle and shoot things and i’m like uhhh okay! i’m sure women who have baby boys feel the same way about girls.

  2. it's easier to get crap off a little boys "cash & prizes" than it is to get it out of the vajayjay…does that help?

  3. I LOVE having a little boy! He’s soo much fun and that boy loves his mommy! BUT i still want my girl! I want the frills and lace! I mean you can only buy so many polos for your boys! LOL! And when he grows up…lets face it…he’ll want to do “daddy” stuff! I love my boy..and wouldnt mind having another or two even….but i still want ONE girl!

  4. My little guy is such a mommy’s guy (which is good as long as it starts to disappear a little later, lol) – which I LOVE. My friends have little girls, and Daddy is their hero, I love having that same special relationship with my little guy. Maybe it’s not that way for all boys/girls, but it seems to have worked out that way for us. I wouldn’t know what to do with a little girl…and sometimes they seem so delicate. Yes, I can’t dress him up in those oh-so-cute outfits that everyone oohs and ahhs over, but I get my kicks of dressing him like a big boy – jeans, surfer shorts, big boy shoes, button up shirts…you get the picture. He always seems to play a little nicer than his female couterparts (or maybe just the ones I know), honestly, if given the chance, many of them would pound on him and steal all his toys – he seems to have a better sense of sharing and kinder play (at least for now, I don’t know how school will change that). He does however love to tackle all things he thinks are ‘big boy’ – tools, construction, dirt in general, they all attract him, which again I find adorable! I’m not a tea set person myself, so that would drive me nuts! Even when I was little I used to hate being coaxed into tea time with my sister, so I guess that isn’t really gender specific. And I lol’d at lovingdanger’s analysis of the situation, I guess that’s true too. Hope this helps! I’ll pop back if I think of anything else.

  5. It just occured to me why I really wanted a son when I found out I was pregnant – I had been a daughter. Not making sense yet? Well, I wasn’t thinking about my happy, carefree childhood. Instantly I thought of what a headache a teenage daughter would be…and trust me, I know exactly how high the stress levels can get. If my poor father was predisposed to a suffering from a ruptured cerebral aneurysm – I would have been the one to cause that rupture. I can not count the number of times my antics sent his blood pressure soaring…I once had him screaming so loudly and so stressed out that I gave him chest pain…Sorry Dad! With that in mind, I thought it would be best to sacrifice fun trips to the clothing store in favour of thinking farther into the future. Hormone fluctuations, broken hearts, the ‘omg-my-daughter-is-sexually-active’ realization, and all else that comes with escorting a daughter through puberty and beyond. Now, I would have just as happily welcomed a daughter into the world, but deep down I was routing for a son. Hmm…completely forgot about that unti now!

  6. I am such a girl’s girl… I bake, cook, craft, shop… you get the picture. Well, of course I would have girls. NOT. I have two boys who LOVE me like there is no tomorrow. No matter who he sees or meets at school, my 2nd grader tells me that I am the prettiest girl in the world. My Kindergartener has asked on more than one occasion, that if I’m ever not married to Daddy, then will I marry him. They love to cuddle and we talk and it’s a dream come true.No, I’ll never have tea parties or pink stuff but you know what, I’m cultivating the husbands of tomorrow. They love their Daddy and do all of that boy stuff with him which gives me time to bake, cook, craft and shop. My boys bake, cook and craft along with me… the jury is still out on the shopping. Not to mention, there is no girly attitude in this house. I’ve got three easy going guys and it’s nice being the only queen bee in this castle.

  7. Thanks guys – I’ll let you know when the post goes up on SD!

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