I’m Stuck On You Too

My DYMO labelmaker provides infinite time-wasting and husband-annoying activities, but every once in awhile I find my daughter’s growing array of “treasures” that she insists on carting off to nursery school need a little something extra to make sure they make it home.

So I’m Stuck On You – or at least, they’re stuck on her. The worldwide company has a USA division that’s doling out name dots, clothing transfers, bag tags and more – sticky set by sticky set. Priced to move (think $18.95 for a set of 50 clothing transfers that are pre-printed with a picture and optional second line of text AND are dryer-safe), the Stuck on You labels offer up something that will set their stuff apart – and that means they’ll be coming home with the same “treasures” they carted out the door in the morning.

My personal favorites are the SkinPrints – I’ve whined and kvetched about the annoying tattoos in the grocery store vending machines long enough, I knew I’d find another option. The big sheets provided 21 days worth of new designs, and every one is worth of a place on a kid’s body (no “juicy” or “sexy” in the bunch).

Another must have? The Star Charts offer up rewards in farm, fairy or traffic style that will have them saying “I can do it” just so they can get their sticky hands on their finished poster.

They have dozens of other goodies (like the “Nut Free Zone” sticker for kids with allergies that my daughter left on our front porch -appropriate, don’t you think?), so check them out!

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