JakFish – So You Don’t Feel Like an Elephant

I was a miserable pregnant woman. It’s OK, I can admit it. Although, in this case, the first step to recovery was delivery!

But even the happiest pregnant lady usually moans about her clothes – or for many of us, her husband (boyfriend/partner’s) clothes. The choices out there are as miserable as I was during my pregnancy.

Or they used to be. What I wouldn’t have given to find Jakfish four years ago. The maternity wear company that readily admits you’re not going to find “another big sweatshirt,” is likewise home to the kind of clothes you can actually see yourself wearing post-pregnancy. Made from Polartec, the Owen hoodie is cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold (in those very rare moments that you might be). The fabric hugs the body just enough to wick away sweat when you’re walking off the pregnancy pudge, and it stretches as you grow. With side vents to unzip as your belly grows and rezip as you slim back down, the Owen hoodie looks good on Mom before, during and after pregnancy. We’re talking an investment that lasts beyond nine months.

Paired with Jakfish’s Ryan Pants, which boast the same material and the same stretchy forgiveness, you’re as ready for the grocery store as you are for yoga, and you’ll be holding tight to these babies once your real baby comes along!

Jakfish mom Steph has offered to give one Inside Out reader a boost with new duds! Want to win? Check out the Jakfish site, and come back to comment on your favorite set of all. For extra entires, as always, grab my badge and/or blog about the contest, then leave the link in comments. The contest will close on Wednesday, November 5, and it’s open to residents of the US and Canada only. Make sure you check back to see if you’re a winner, or subscribe to be the first to know about any of our giveaways.

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  1. My favorite item is the Eamon Lightweight Hoodie. It’s so hard to find jackets when your preggo.jen62728@aol.com

  2. I like the quinn capris!

  3. I like the Owen hoodie with the Ryan pants.

  4. I really like the Owen hoodie. I also really liked the Quinn Capris. Almost makes me want to be pregnant again. amytarnold(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. I like the Quinn Capris. girlygirlsboutique(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. Eamon hoodie with the quinn capris!quitecontrary1977@hotmail.com

  7. Oh I so hear ya! I’m 6 months pregnant, and everything is starting to feel this way. 🙂 I like the owen zip up and the ryan pants! It would be perfect for now and then spring time! flowers7886 at yahoo dot com

  8. My fav is the lightweight Owen zip and the Ryan pants. Very nice.

  9. I LOVE the Eamon Lightweight Hoodie… I’m a big fan of hoodies, and I’ve never been able to find one when I’m preggo. I’ve always had to resort to one of hubby’s… and believe me, that is NOT flattering!The Ryan pants are really cute as well!

  10. I like the Eomon hoodie and Quinn Capris.

  11. I also like the Eamon hoodie- I live in seattle and need a hood pretty much all winter!adorablyconfused at hotmail dot com

  12. The Ryan Pants and the Owen Zip would pair nicely. Thanks for the giveaway, hope I win! cdziuba@aol.com

  13. The Ryan pants and Eamon hoodie are great looking. aeshuron@twcny.rr.com

  14. I like the Owen Hoodie. Thanks.

  15. I like the Quinn Capris

  16. emanon hoodie….i mean its very cold right now LOL

  17. Very cool! I love the Eamon Hoodie!

  18. I like the capris and the hoodie!simplylisamartin (at) msn (dot) com

  19. I like the Ryan pants–nice! Sign me up!lydia.bower @ gmail.com

  20. I like the Olin top and Ryan pants. I’m expecting a baby in June. This is perfect.david_colleen@mei.net

  21. Love the Ryan pants and the owen zipup up!! It is so hard to find work out clothing when you are preggers!!

  22. I added your button to my blog:http://preppymama.blogspot.com/thanks!

  23. I like the own hoodie

  24. I love the Eamon hoodie and the ryan pants!!amitymatthia[at]hotmail.com

  25. The ryan pants look nice! be too chilly soon for capris!

  26. I tried to put your button up but it said the image had been moved or deleted. help.

  27. I love the Eomon Hoodie, very cute!Thanks for offering it!princesslimey (at) gmail (dot) com

  28. Hoodie and ryan pants. I think, so hard to choose:) Thanks for giveaway! just in time too!bookroomreviews@hotmail.com

  29. I love the owen zip. Boy could I use this!mathbook28 at gmail dot com

  30. owen hoodie and the ryan pant mrs.mommyyatgmail.com

  31. The Ryan pants and Eamon hoodie are my favorite. I am due in Jan so I am totally knowing the feeling of hating to get dressed. These look so cute AND comfy-thanks!gomeggo[at]gmail[dot]com

  32. I really like the Eamon Lightweight Hoodie!asyouwiiiiish@gmail.com

  33. I think I’d go for the Owen Zip and the Ryan Pants! Just over 7 weeks to go before I’m officially “post-partum” again! Woohoo!!

  34. I would pick the Eamon Hoodie and the Ryan Pants. So comfy! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  35. I would probably go for the adina tank and capris – these would have been so great when I was pregnant! Would be fantastic for “round 2” 🙂 thanks for hte opportunity!

  36. Eamon hoodie katelynthames AT yahoo DOT com

  37. I absolutely love the Eamon hoodie. The Ryan pants would be a great addition to my wardrobe right now as well (5-1/2 months PG and counting). I could definitely use this prize.michelle at northofthe49 dot com

  38. i like the eamon hoodie. i just got pregnant and will need this!thanks for the giveaway!specialk[dot]roxygirl[at]gmai[dot]com

  39. i like the ryan pants in black!love the name jakfish too.fertawert AT yahoo DOT com

  40. I would like to surprise my sister by winning the Eamon Hoodie for her.owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  41. I like the Eamon hoodie and Ryan pants.pinkveganmiso(at)yahoo(dot)com

  42. I like the Adina Tank!lucycontest at gmail.commacyfron.com

  43. I like the Eamon hoodie and Ryan Pants! Thanks!akblessingsabound[at]gmail.com

  44. i like the and the aidan shirt & quinn pants – wish i knew about this 6 mos ago!ebienic(at)hotmail(dot)com

  45. I love the Eamon hoodie and the Quinn capris!oreo89 [at] gmail [dot] com

  46. I like the Eamon Hoodie. The timing is perfect for me! hedwards25(at)yahoo(dot)com

  47. I love the Eamon Lightweight hoodie!snkjohnson(at)gmail(dot)com

  48. well, like a lot of people, i love the eamon lightweight hoodie. i’m 6 months pregnant and i’m pretty sure i could live in this! thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I like the quinn capris and the tank.

  50. I love the Adina tank since it looks nice and cool. It would look cute with the Quinn Capris.

  51. i love the quinn capris and the eamon hoodie.andrewandkristan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  52. i love the owen hoodie! This is a great one! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  53. The Eamon hoodie and the Ryan pants! I might be needing these soon!!!teacherkrista at gmail dot com

  54. adina tank and capris :)lilacbutterfly [at] earthlink.net

  55. I like the Quinn Everywhere Capris and the Eamon hoodie!

  56. I like the Olin top and Quinn Capris. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. I like the Eamon Lightweight hoodie. So cute & cozy during the cooler months!

  58. I like the Eamon Lightweight Hoodie paired with the Ryan Everywhere Pants!

  59. I have your button on my sidebar!

  60. what a great giveaway! I like the quin capris! I would love to win! Thanks! =)

  61. I like the Eamon Hoodie and the Ryan Pants!urchiken at gmail dot com

  62. I love the Owen zip and the Quinn capris. How nice to find some nice-looking active wear for us preggos! Thanks for the giveaway!Angelaitsahumanzoo(at)gmail(dot)comP.S. I’m giving away some great Bath and Body Works stuff on my blog. If you’re interested, stop on by and put your name in!

  63. HOPEFULLY…I’ll be pregnant again any day now! I like the Owen zip and the Ryan pants!!!

  64. Eamon Lightweight Hoodie is great!

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