Mama Says Relax!

Without sounding like an annoying James Blunt song (sorry, it was good once, about 1,000 radio spins ago), I don’t know how else to put it – sometimes we all want to feel beautiful. And To Live Beautiful is making it happen for me. I found their heat relaxers, and I ponied up for my aching shoulders and aching lower back. Hey, I’m a mom, I deserve it. At first blush, they’re your standard rice-filled pop ’em in the microwave and go packs.

But the long plush outside layer of these is removable (key for moms who are used to having EVERYTHING handled by jam hands) and washable. It’s also soft on one side, satiny on the other – adding that extra bit of comfort whether you’re heating up or cooling down (they can be popped in the freezer for cold therapy). The inside pouch, by the way, has been designed by stay-at-home-mompreneuer Jessica so the rice doesn’t bunch up at any particular spot and get lumpy.

I’m off to cuddle up with my new friend. And while we’re talking new stuff, check out To Live Beautiful to win a free tote to cart your new Heat Relaxer around in – contest ends today, so hop to it!

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