Paper or Plastic? Outlaw ‘Em All

I have tried my best not to buy a single bag even as I’ve started carting them with me to the grocery store every week. If you keep your eyes open, there are enough companies that have caught on that green is everywhere – and they’re willing to use you as their sandwich board. In exchange you get a free bag.

But when you find a bag that makes you laugh this hard, AND supports what you’re doing, you don’t think. You just get one.

It helps that I am a big fan of the moms over at Tiny Revolutionary. One half of the partnership, BreeAnne, granted me an interview for a past piece for PeekabooPicks, and I loved their whole approach to both business and parenting. The moms came from corporate backgrounds – Courtney is still there – but when their daughter was born, they opted to get into business for themselves. They want to change the world for their little girl – or at least do their part.

And part of that is their new Outlaw bag, a canvas bag with a generous cut and a set of bandanna-sporting bandits pointing a finger at anyone who would opt for plastic. Outlaw Plastic Bags it says, and you can cut down your total by up to five every time you remember to tote this one to the store. Think 52 weeks of grocery shopping times five . . . plus an outlaw that reminds you you’re nobody’s sandwich board.

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  1. I love that bag, however I love the bags I get from the different stores. We went on vacation and I came home with 9 reusable bags from the various stores we went into and the most expensive was a thermal bag from Kroger. I don’t mind being a sandwich board if it keeps me from using plastic bags. 🙂

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