Poop Happens, but Lucky for You, It Comes with a Giveaway

I’ve become inured to regular use of the word “poop.” Ain’t parenting glamorous? Oh come on, it’s part of life. As the book says, Everybody Poops.

Er, sort of. Because poop is one of the hardest (no pun intended) things for a lot of kids to adjust to leaving in the potty, I shared my PediaLax story awhile back here on Inside Out.

New to the shelves at your pharmacy, it’s an over-the-counter helper that not only works but is markedly more child-friendly than a big bottle of fiber capsules. And to drive that home, the folks at Fleet (yes, the enema people) have come up with Pedia-Lax Penguin, a cuddly buddy for kids going through a hard time (yes, pun intended there).

And I have one to give away to a mom who thinks her little munchkin could really use a friend. Additional winners will each walk away with a sample of PediaLax – either a box of the quick dissolve strips or the watermelon chewables.

Want to win? Leave a comment sharing a potty training story (it can be funny or not). For extra entries, grab my badge and/or blog about the contest – then leave the link in comments. The contest, as always, will remain open for a week, and is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. It closes on Monday, Oct. 13, so get commenting! And if you haven’t already, sign up for the Wednesday giveaway before it closes!


  1. My baby is new so no potty training story but I can tell you that my baby pooped once and as I was cleaning him he tooted and like someone squeezing a tube of toothpaste poop shot out all over my bed and my pants leg.

  2. We’re currently at the point where my daughter likes to take off her diaper and go hide somewhere and go poop!!

  3. the funniest one is when my one of my older sons was younger decided to make the gals think we had a puppy- by gals I mean the girls scout troop I was leader of at home—too long for here but je was the easiest walker I had and hated diapers- was that saying he wanted to run and be free- who knows?

  4. Yeah, this is something I’m not looking forward to! Alas, I have no stories as my little man is still happily going in his diapers (little does he know what’s just around the corner!)…good luck to all those mama’s going through this though!!

  5. well i do have some poop to tell lol and well i can rember back to my oldest and well she had not been potty trained all the way yet and well she had on a dipper and well as we where just on are way to the bath room she well went #2 all over the place and well some lady walk up to me and said boy your kid had a lot of candy to day it was a good thing well the lady did not realy know as to well what she had all over her . i could well see it now kind of like that dummer and dummer moveie part 2 with out the candy . and well its a realy good thing my youngest is not yet at that age so thats a good thing but come some time next year she will be. so well when ever theres a give a way for potty training i try to get in on it so it may help me out with this one. thanks

  6. My kids were close in age, so they had twin pottys.donna444444@yahoo.com

  7. I put your button on my blog.donna444444@yahoo.com

  8. As a matter of fact I spent yesterday coaching my daughter to go poopy after an attack of constipation, I must have sounded like a birthing coach. “push that poopy out, push push push!” I felt so stupid, but she did finally go poopy.mommyhoodisthankless{AT}gmail.com

  9. I have your button on my blog:Heremommyhoodisthankless{AT}gmail.com

  10. I blogged about this giveaway:Heremommyhoodisthankless{AT}gmail.com

  11. My first two children are close in age and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy potty training #2 was because of it (at least I assume it is because of the age). #2 watched #1 potty train and one day, at about 14 months of age, #2 just started using the potty too. I literally did NOTHING to potty train her. Lucky huh? Now if only the rest were so easy!ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot comhttp://juanshappywife.blogspot.comhttp://homeschoolunitstudies.blogspot.com

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