Prima Princessas – All of Them

There are days that I thank my lucky stars I live in the middle of nowhere. My daughter hasn’t been bitten by the ballerina bug quite yet (she thinks her PrissyPoofs are just fancy dresses).

So when you question why I let her watch the Prima Princessa Presents Swan Lake DVD, I have to throw up my hands and admit it, the bug is catching. I clearly remember my trip to the Nutrcracker when I was a kid, the dress I insisted was too tight around my neck (handmade by my mother, the red corduroy pinafore with a goose on the front was lovingly saved and is now in my daughter’s clsoet). But the Christmas story my mother read to us every year was magical onstage.

And so to is Swan Lake, brought to life by the Paris Opera Ballet and students from the New York City Ballet school. The grace of the dancers, the intricacy of the costumes, doesn’t have to cost $100, a trip to the city and the chance that they’ll be ready for a nap just as the matinee is ready to start (who schedules matinees mid-afternoon? Kids are starting to wind down then, not wake up). The Prima Princess DVD culls it all down to 40 minutes, with a flitting animated fairy and little girls in tutus to make the magic relateable to little kids who can flit around their living rooms in time to the music.

And rumor has it, they’ll be bringing out The Nutcracker next!

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