Prissy and Poofy for your Princess

Bought her a Halloween costume already? Send it back.

How about spending money on something that will last them not only the rest of the fall but another two years? In a search for the best in dress up kits (I’ll explain that one later), I came across Prissy Poofs. Sorry, it’s a girls only post!

The name on this one really says it all. It’s a place that deals only in prissy and poofy – but these aren’t your old ballet tutus. The layers of tulle come as outfits – from the Spooky Poofs for Halloween to the Princess Poofs for every day (or Halloween – if that’s what she’s aiming for this year). Frothy and fun, the little tutus are accompanied by headbands that carry along themes like kitten, cowgirl and more, and little additions on the hind end (a long yarn tail for the horse, a poof of cotton for a bunny) add a giggle factor.

Why spend money on a one-time only Halloween costume when you can spread the wealth (and the pretend) for a few years of poofy?


  1. Impressed..! I too prefer affordable Halloween costumes. I think its not good to spend much money on Halloween costumes.

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