Shine On Mom

I don’t know that this counts as a “find,” but in my ever-widening search for products that make the lazy me feel a little more useful, I have to share this one.

Since I became a parent, my hands have been in some pretty nasty stuff. You know what I mean. Somehow, that’s made me that much less likely to grab a pair of gloves when it comes time to do the other stuff – the floor cleaning, the digging in the dirt, pretty much anything that normal people would cover up for.

And guess what’s taking the brunt? Not may nails – if you think I have time to do them you obviously haven’t met me! Nah, it’s my rings. One of the few pieces of jewelry that’s lasted into mom territory (I cling to them, actually, as I look like I’m about Bristol Palin’s age, and I need everyone to realize I’m not a 12-year-old who popped out a kid!).

So I finally gave in and picked up jewelry cleaner, intent on sitting down to scrub the heck out of my engagement ring and show my husband how much I appreciate him (and how much I’d really, really like a little more jewelry down the line!). But when I pulled my rings out of the Weiman Blue-White Diamond Jewelry Cleaner, I didn’t have to scrub.
Hallalejah! Back to sitting on my butt and eating bon bons. Er, cleaning my house.


  1. This is the perfect cleaner. I used it a lot on my wedding & anniversary rings until my then 16 months old son decided that it was time to put them in the garbage almost 2 years ago. Boo hoo.

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