Simply Sarah Holds It All

I’m not quite the bag fanatic that my friend Jennifer is (she of the Durtbagz borrowing!), but since I’ve started collecting all those totes, the closet floor is filling.

It’s not exactly a good example to my kid – who I keep telling to CLEAN UP THE MESS. Think she listens? Hehe, you give me too much credit.

So what’s my new solution? The Handy Hold All from SimplySarahShaw hangs in any hook or nail or an over-the-door hook (included on certain models), and it cleans up the mess. The straps lining the long sturdy strip of cloth all snap to the back. So reaching into your closet to pull out a sweater you don’t accidentally knock everything over and end up spending your five minutes before you have to leave for work cleaning up a pile of purses.

Think of buying the Handy Hold All as saving yourself from having to buy new bag too soon. It’s frugality at its best.


  1. These are so cute! I love the prints and the idea!

  2. A fanatic huh? I think that’s a little strong 🙂

  3. What great styles. These are a great idea and very stylish.

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