Sugarbooger for Your Little Booger

I blame my husband. I didn’t say words like fart or laugh at bathroom humor before he came along. OK, well, not that I’d admit in the blogosphere. But I got over it – I admitted to pooping in a column the other day. Shhh. Don’t make a big deal out of it, just hold your nose and dive in.

I promise this one ISN’T about poop. Just boogers. Sugarbooger. See, having a kid means your mind has gone South too. Have you got a cupboard full of melamine plates and bowls with every character they’ve spun off of TV and onto a piece of plastic? Sick of them? Me too.

Sugarbooger’s Rocker Kids set is making kids sing a different tune come dinner time, with a divided plate, tumbler and fork and spoon that salute those about to rock (the fork and plate assure them, you rock, as if they didn’t know). A round well atop the plate keeps the cup in firm position, and the entire set is rock steady . . . steady enough to make it through many a meal and steady enough to handle many dishwashings – which you’ll be doing plenty of, cause they’ll be singing for this set morning, noon and night.
The Chocolate Cake Club has a whole line of Sugarbooger sets, and there are a few on sale now, so get on over there before the dish runs away with the spoon.

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