Take the Monster Out of the Tub

My love of bathtime has one drawback – the end. Getting out of the warm water into the cold air is enough to send me running for the bedroom to curl up in the comforter.

I was jealous of my daughter’s little hooded towels when she was an infant. Now I’m jealous again, thanks to Sue over at Chocolate Cake Club.

The store name alone had me hooked – if you’re not a chocolate fan, I don’t know if I can be your friend. But Chocolate Cake Club sweetens the pot by supporting mompreneuers, stocking the store full of products made by mom so they actually work for mom.

That includes the Yikes Twins towels that make climbing out of the tub the best part of the experience for little monsters. Big enough for kids from 2 to 8, they’re sized just right to wrap them up and rub them dry before they take off running through the house roaring that little monster laugh. They’re more expensive than you’re every day towel, but after dozens of tumbles through the washing machine, they remain fuzz-free and soft enough for their skin – just long enough for them to grow into big monsters.

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  1. What a great find! I think I found my where I am going to shop from now on. Thanks! I love the towel.

  2. LOVE IT! We have a frog towel at home and my oldest son asks for it everyday. He looks so cute wraped up in it. Thanks for the site, my youngest one needs one.

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