To the Sock Manufacturers

Letter to the Kids Sock Manufacturers Who Don’t Put Something On the Bottom:
You suck.
A Mom Sick of “Kiss My Butt, Mommy. Kiss it. It hurts.”

OK, now that I’ve got that off my chest. I’ve found the solution for those of you who have found yourself in my predicament – lovely wood floors (which I admit are in need of refinishing, but with Christmas coming, who has the money?) and a little kid who insists on running full speed across the (very slippery) floor.

Grippies stick right to the bottom of little socks to give that pitter patter some extra grip. Come winter, when stockinged feet are an every day occurence, there’s no reason bumps and falls need to be as well. With iron-on or stick-on options, the Grippies stick for good (even through the wash – trust me, I checked).

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  1. Lol! That’s too funny! You should start a petition, I would sign it. Back to the Grippies. I’ve seen Grippies floating around the blogosphere, but was always leary that they would just fall off in the wash, good to know they don’t.

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