Trap the Cap and Save the Cash

I was ready to bid the markers goodbye for good. It’s not the drawing on the floors that gets me going (three words for you: Pledge Multi-Surface Spray . . . works on EVERYTHING!). It’s the caps found under the couch, the dried out marker on the table.

I know, they’re little, but why can’t they learn after being told 500 times? Will it sink in at 501?

Unfortunately, saying goodbye to markers is easier when your friends don’t buy them for your child. Since I’ve been cursed, er, blessed with the kind of friends who prefer to obey the whims of my 3-year-old, I’ve come up with second best.

CapTrappers came from the mind of an equally frustrated mom – and teacher to boot – who was fed up with grabbing a marker to write up a lesson plan and finding it was dry 9 times out of 10. The strips of rubber fit most size markers, keeping caps handy so Mom won’t find them under the couch or inside the refrigerator (trust me, I don’t know either). No more rolling off the table,no more “but moooooom, I didn’t know where it was.” Stuck on the strip, the markers won’t roll either, which means less marks on the floor – and less clean-up for you.

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