Twas the Night Before I

If you’re one of those people who’s ready to put up the Christmas decorations, you might want to listen up. And if you’re not, well, keep reading anyway. Because the economic downturn means I’m buying early to keep myself from that last minute buying frenzy that always ends up costing me more.

It’s been a rough week. Writing for Strollerderby, I’ve started reading some of the more depressing news stories while pawing through for ideas, and last week’s piece about the kids who planned “Hit a Jew Day” at their school made me once again consider home schooling. Do I have to expose my kid to these little monsters?

But the best way to fight intolerance is with education, and so inspired by last week’s giveaway (winner announced today, so stay tuned) and looking toward the holidays, I opted instead to spin a little multi-culturalism around the house to remind myself I’m raising a kid with a big heart.

The Night Before Christmas and More Classic Holiday Tales is another in Scholastic’s Storybook Treasures line, another “read along” DVD that brings books to life onscreen with a narrator reading out loud the words flashing across the bottom of the screen. It’s a comfort to know our kids are getting education on a multitude of levels.

But it isn’t just a Christmas movie. After the telling of Clement Clark Moore’s old-fashioned story of St. Nicholas, there are tales of Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Gary Soto’s South American holiday story of little Maria and the Too Many Tamales makes mouths water as they tear open the delicacies and doubles as a lesson in not “borrowing” others’ most precious belongings.

Three more stories round out the bunch along with an extra Spanish version of Tamales, but what makes this a true treasure is the reminder the holidays aren’t for one kid. They’re still for all kids.

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