Twirly Girls Meet Tiny Turnip

I’m officially ready for Halloween.

The costume’s been washed, the cute t-shirt bought and Jillian has a new outfit to last throughout the season. I’m not usually into seasonal duds, but the Tiny Turnip candy corn twirl skirt and matching thermal is a lot like the candy that inspired it – the kind of thing you bring out again and again.

I was looking for skirts for Jillian when I came across Tiny Turnip, and the creations from mom Rachel Luzi are pure childhood. For girls, she specializes in the twirly skirt – many with an extra layer of tulle for optimum fluffing while she spins in a little girl twirl. Delicate and simple, the skirts are the kind of girly creations that keep them young. To keep her ladylike, Luzi’s created the Tubulars, men’s tube socks turned upside down and sewed for a funky twist on tights.

For boys, there’s the “Little Man in a Big Suit” – a onesie with a silk tie that will make it clear he’s got big deals to make in the diaper set. Or check out Luzi’s little cowboy tee, matched up with “shants,” a combination short/pant fashioned out of real bandannas so he’ll look like a comfy kid with wild west appeal.

And for us? The Tiny Turnip drawings that grace many of the one-of-a-kind outifts come in card form, for when we forget to remember birthdays, parties and well. . . I forget everything these days.

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