Where Jilly Goes, WheeGo

I’m going to confess to a little narcicism at work with this review. The name of the main character in the WheeGo game for kids? Jilly. Oh, come on, I had to check it out!

Fortunately, the little treasure chest that sends them off on an adventure around the house is almost as cute as the girl who shares her name with Jilly the Jouster (I said almost).

Definitely a game that must be played with an adult or older child acting as “Captain WheeGo,” the game tests little explorers’ ability to follow directions as they follow clues. Stocked with two games, the chest allows them to take turns as Jilly the Jouster or her buddy Cody the Country Singer, running from place to place to find the hidden treasure.

After they get a handle on how to follow the clues, repeated play boost their “remembering” and WheeGo becomes a “I can do it myself game” that keeps the family from going stir crazy as winter sets in. Get it over at WheeGo’s Website, and print out coloring pages of Jilly the Jouster (my favorite) and Cody . . . for quiet time after the excitement of adventure subsides.


  1. Sounds like a great game, maybe even a gift and what an affordable price.

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