You Can’t Have it All, But You Can Carry It

My non-Martha-ness isn’t something I’ve let get me down. The way I see it, I can’t be roped into helping at the holiday craft fair come PTA time if I shout it loud enough now.

So I shared some “fake it like Martha” products over on PeekabooPicks this week. What I failed to admit? I’ve got a kid who’s relatively crafty. I’m not kidding myself about her abilities here – she’s your average 3-year-old (no Kathie Lee bragging moments you have to run from). But there’s no page that goes un-colored in her coloring books . . . or any other book for awhile there.

If you’re a “with crayon, will travel” kind of family, The Piggy Story Carry All Caddy guarantees you’ll never suffer a craft-tastrophe on the road. Made of nylon, it’s sturdy, washable and waterproof, with half a dozen different pockets for all their odds and ends. Shove a change of clothes in the middle for a quick change after they’ve markered their t-shirt, stow a packet of wipes, or fill it to the brim with toy truck.

Over at FatBrain Toys (bookmark it for educational toys of any type), the Carry All Caddy comes in three funky fabrics, but we had our designs on the fairy-tale-inspired dragon caddy. It will huff, puff and blow you away.


  1. The “What’s a Dragon” bag is adorable and for the price who wouldn’t want one.

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