You Wanna Be a Rock Star?

Thanks to Shrek 2, my daughter now runs around the house singing “Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on. . . ” Long live Smash Mouth.

It’s prompted a request for a guitar that sent me poking around for a toy version that won’t drive me too insane this holiday. So far, no dice. But guitar t-shirts I have found, and my favorite is over at TrendyTwinShop, the home of the Trick or Treat tees that are all treat.

The Rockin’ Guitar Tees are a treat in part because of the size range – unusual for a lot of today’s cool kid shops (and one of the reasons I have become a Trendy Twin fan). They go from 6 months right on up to size 12, which works for moms who like to buy a little big so their kids can grow into their clothes.

With textured embellishments and a soft-on-the-skin feel, these tees will make your little wild thing’s heart sing.


  1. How cute are those tees! I love this store.

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