A Black Friday Deal That Will Save More Than Money

Two weeks ago, if you’d found me a kid who doesn’t have a habit of carrying their bowl of Cheerios on its side, I’d have contemplated a switch.

Not anymore. Parents, rejoice. For unto us, a savior has been born.

The Loopa Bowl looks like it was dropped off by the space invaders, but it’s kicking those every day kids bowls out of this world. With a center that spins around, courtesy of centrifugal force, and handles for the kids to get a tight grasp on, the Loopa Bowl keeps their snacks where they’re supposed to be. Turn it upside down, and the bowl spins to stay upright. Turn it sideways, and the bowl spins to stay upright. Turn it every which way, and well, the Loopa Bowl spins to stay upright.

It’s the gizmo to buy for the Moms on you’re list who are accustomed to following their tots with a dustpan and broom, and maybe even Moms with clumsy teens too.

To get you started, the Loopa Bowl is available at 50 percent off to Inside Out readers through Dec. 12. Enter code INSIDEOUT at checkout, and you’ll get half the retail price of every bowl you buy lopped off the bill. So get over there – before I buy them out.

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  1. awesome discount for a great gift this holiday season! thanks!!!

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