Animals All of Them

In case your kids have’t pestered you enough, did you know Madagascar 2 is hitting theaters this weekend? For kids who like to wear their hearts on their feet, I’ve got good news.

My daughter’s new favorite footwear company, Uneaks, has unveiled a line of its funky socks that are all about the animal escapees. The socks are only half of the company that sells shoes for kids who want to make every day “uneak,” but that’s coming later (think giveaway guys, think one of the best giveaways ever . . . so you’d better be checking back every day or subscribing for this one!).

Why pony up for Uneaks’ socks alone? Thick enough to keep them warm and stand up to feet on the go, Uneaks’ socks stay on! No more yanking them up and yanking them up and . . . you know. Madagascar for their feet will look sweet sticking out of their stocking this holiday . . . and if you get over there now, you can get an extra pair! In honor of the movie’s debut, Uneaks is offering buy three socks, get one set free, plus free shipping.


  1. How cool are these! I got to get me a pair – well not me exactly my ds.

  2. What a great idea for little ones feet. I love that the shoes change with the socks. It’s like a different shoe each day.

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