Becoming Part of the Routine

I probably shouldn’t tell the world this, but what the hey. Most of my readers are mothers; you’ll understand.

Sometimes, I don’t get to shower. Gross. I know. But when you’re up until 3 writing posts for Inside Out, Strollerderby, and PeekabooPicks, writing stories for the real job and then expected to crawl out of bed in time to get them to nursery school, well, you know. But not washing my face is out of the question. I’m not THAT gross!

I’ve gotten hooked on Become, a line out of Australia created by a mother who worked for the likes of Estee Lauder and Tommy Hilfiger before striking out on her own. The Become Foaming Cleanser isn’t cheap. At $24 a bottle, it would do you well to put this one on your Christmas list. Trust me, it’s worth it.

The Become Foaming Cleanser does what it says – it cleans, and it does it gently. Mix with a little water, and it foams right up, and what’s more – it washes right off. Sweet scented, with a solution that doesn’t feel like it’s ripping off the top layer of skin, Become lets you wash and go. Just what mom needs.

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