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I love two-fers. It brings out that “I got a deal, ha ha” in me. But when the two-fer includes two products I would have bought separately anyway, it’s even better.

Nursery Rhyme Tease is a two-fer that’s almost too good to be true. The brainchild of a teacher, the tee-shirt and book combination gives your kids a comfy tee with their favorite nursery rhyme played out on the chest. Along for the ride? A book that tells the tale.

Creator Heather Sievers quotes a study published in the Journal of Child Development when she tells the tale of her tees. The study followed 2,500 families across North America and found that the children who were read to daily from infancy had more expressive vocabularies, more extensive vocabulary use and higher comprehension skills. Putting a book in the hands of every kid is part of Sievers’ plan, and her Nursery Rhyme Tease double the efforts with tee-shirts that serve as a tease into the story.

The kids are proud when they recognize a piece of their story on their chests, and that pride translates to a desire to get crackin’ on that book. Mom gets ’em dressed; Mom gets ’em reading. Yup, sounds like a two-fer for me.

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