Clean It Up

I’m dreading the holidays this year because I’ve let the house go to pot. I’ve got a new job, Jillian’s going to school, Jonathan’s going to school . . . who has time to clean? I get the big stuff, the gross stuff (we change the sheets, clean the toilet . . . that kind of thing).

But clutter piles up like white on rice. I’m not asking for your pity – just close your eyes when you come in my house and keep ’em closed. I shared a few of my favorites for hiding the clutter (without filling the closet) in this week’s PeekabooPicks column, but I couldn’t leave Inside Out out in the cold.

PacEasy is making the closet clutter-free with its ToolBuddies (not just for him – a few wrenches and screwdrivers are necessary in today’s electronic toy world) and PetBuddies. The long strips of heavy-duty canvas hang on a simple hook and fit tight to the wall to maximize space. With hooks, pockets and elastic strips to hold the little and big things alike, there’s no more rooting around in the toolbox or back of the closet for everything you need.

So stuff their stocking with something that will keep their stuff in line.

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