Double Winners

A massive migraine means I’m behind on awarding winners again! So I’m doubling up with the announcement of the Thomas the Tank Engine counting game winner AND the Water Baby’s new home.

Brandice has 72 hours to shoot me a line to let me know she wants the Thomas the Tank game (I see she subscribed . . . yay, no chasing her down!), while Kendell gets the honors with the water baby. I think a Kendell won a few months ago – not sure if this is the same one? Congratulations ladies!

The rest of you, get entering!! The 13 Days of Giveaways will begin on November 28 (that’s Black Friday) and run for 13 straight business days with new prizes every day for the whole family . . . right down to the four-legged friends. Plus November subscribers are entered for the Nintendo Build a Bear Workshop games from Game Factory Games.

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