Ever Met a Happy Heiny?

Remember the utter fear every time the baby rolled closer to the pin? The cloth diaper that just wouldn’t fit tight, no matter how much you yanked and pulled?

OK, me neither. My parents were disposable diaper usin’ fools, and I was too. But I do have a cousin who sewed her own cloth diapers. God bless you Ardis. I guess I’m from the shallow end of the gene pool.

But for those of you with much firmer convictions than me (yeah, I’m a sell-out, I admit it), I had to share. Happy Heinys are one-size fits most cloth diapers that are as cute as their name. Yeah, yeah, they sold me with their monkey print, but there’s no monkey business going on here.

With a kid who is potty trained (thank goodness), I had to test these out the old-fashioned way – playing in the water. And my willing accomplice (who goes by the nickname water monkey, but that’s a whole other story) soaked the daylights out of these. No leaking, no nothing.

Then the Happy Heinys size test. We tried them on EVERY stuffed animal, I kid you not. One size fits all? Well, all except the mega Melissa and Doug giraffe, but I can sit on that thing without it giving way. That’s one massive kids toy.

So make ’em happy, and maybe they’ll reward you with a few fewer blowouts. Hey, it’s worth a try, don’t you think?

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