Everybody Scramble: They’re Animals

The return of the Water Baby gave me a chance to dig around on Wild Planet, and I came up triumphant with a pile of toys for kids that deserve pride of place under the holiday tree (or Hannukah bush) this year.

I’ve got to admit my own monkey fascination sent me scrambling for the jungle game that teaches colors, letters and animal sounds. Animal Scramble allows them to play tag without ever having to catch the kid next door. A giraffe “narrates” the game, telling them where to go and what to do – if they’re listening.

The accompanying monkey, elephant, tiger and parrot targets are sized just right – too tall to get lost like most game pieces, but big enough for your eagle-eyed tots to find with their giraffe guiding the way. Which animal’s brown? They have to drop the long-necked narrator down over the monkey. Who roars? Got to get to the tiger . . .

Well priced and well crafted, the Animal Scramble doubles as a learning adventure game and a jungle toy for them to act out their safari dreams.

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  1. This looks great! I’m horrible at stockpiling things for when he’s older…I took over a large chunk of my husband’s shelving in the garage for storage bins filled with ‘when he gets older’ items. I’ll have to check this out, as I know he’d get a kick out of it now as well! Thank you!

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