Flu Shot? We Got It

vaccineNumber one thing I miss about being a kid: you never feel self-conscious. We were in a room full of adults, a good portion of which were at least 50 years old.

At the minimum, she was “out-aged” by a good 20 years, 80 years by some.

I don’t know if it was the time of day (mid-afternoon, when most kids are at school); the place (the Town Hall in Jeffersonville) or if the flu clinics offered by Sullivan County Public Health Services are always so sparsely attended by parents.

As much as we love our pediatrician, the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone appealed to me. So we opted not to call his office for the flu shot this year.

Instead we headed to one of more than a dozen flu shot clinics offered every year by Public Health.

I took pictures for the Democrat to remind the rest of you that it’s time to get your flu shot (and public health offers the chance to do it), and I queued up with my daughter to get her the shot that we hope will keep her free of the flu for another season.

She eyed up the competition. Not another toddler in sight, plenty of grey-haired ladies. This was a crowd she could work.

And work it she did.

When she started to fidget, began making a move for the door, they offered her alternatives.

“What are you dressing as for Halloween? Look here on my shirt, look, it’s a kitty. Do you have a kitty?”

By the time we’d gotten to the front of the line so I could write out my check, she had collected more “awwws” than most of us get in a lifetime. Then the Public Health employee checking us in ponied up two lollipops and a handful of stickers.

She was in heaven. There was nothing that could bring her down.

Not even a needle in the arm.

She didn’t flinch. She didn’t cry.

She just hopped off of my lap and went running to Callicoon Town Clerk Janet Brahm, who’d already promised her another lollipop.

It pays to be a kid.

It also proves all of you who wuss out on the flu shot are bigger babies than a baby.

If my kid can do it, so can you. Public Health in Sullivan County has a host of clinics left on its schedule, or you can call the Liberty office for other options.

Don’t feel self-conscious – they’re waiting for your call.

They might even give you a lollipop.


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Image via NIAID/Flickr



  1. I’m going just for the free lollipop. To be a kid again care free – what I wouldn’t do.

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