Get a Handle On it

I read a post the other day about the new corporate giveaway “throw away,” and as someone who has been there – as the meanie blogger writing about something ridiculous – I had to crack up.

But I respectfully disagree. The Mobigrip is – as CNet blogger Justin Yu says “a circular hunk of plastic with adhesive on the back and a lanyard attached to one side.” But Justin Yu is not a mother (he could be a father, but I’m not making much of a leap here folks – definitely not a mother).

So he doesn’t know that for those of us who are perpetually put in the position of having our hands full of too much ridiculous nonsense, the usage of each and ever digit to hang onto our valuables becomes a life skill. Think balancing a broom on your nose is cool? Try carrying a canvas grocery bag filled with two bottles of apple juice, today’s mail, three pre-school art creations, the stuffed animal friend of the day and a loaf of bread – all on one pinky.

That, my friend, is parenting. And the Mobigrip – that hunk of plastic – makes it easier. Whip off the thin sheet covering the adhesive on the back of that plastic disc, and attach it to your cell phone, iPod or whatever teeny weeny little electronic gadget of the moment you can’t live without. The small loop hanging off the edge slips over that valuable digit, freeing the hand to carry oh, I don’t know, seven toy cars, a package of Oreos and their monster lunchbox . . . and leaving the other hand free to hold tight to theirs.

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  1. What a great idea, but it would be better if it went around your wrist.

  2. This little disc thing does make holding your phone easier while buzzing about!

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