How Can Something So Little Save So Much?

Compact fluorescent bulbs usually leave something to be desired in the way of looks. They have pride of place in every lamp in my house, but there’s something about that twist that reminds me more of a soft-serve ice cream cone than it does an instrument of light.

When I look at my electric bill, however, all is forgiven. So what if you could have your ice cream and eat it too?

Sylvania’s micro-mini compact fluorescent light bulbs aren’t just a smaller version of that big twisty bulb. They switch on faster, and they provide the same light at half the size. A 60 watt replacement bulb claims just 13 watts – and it will last you some 12,000 hours. Even better, the price of the CFLs are slipping. The bulbs estimated to save you $56 on your energy bill now come in two-packs at a tune of $7.98 (from

You’ll have a little extra left to buy yourself a real cone, with extra sprinkles.

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  1. Just don’t put them in the trash. Bring them to Home Depot or another store that recycles them.

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