Let Me Take You Back

I’ve reveled in every chance to give my daughter a little bit of my childhood. I can’t be the only one who went pawing through my parents’ house for the remnants that made it through my mother’s overhaul after I moved out (come on guys, I’m not, am I?).

The memories of movies are especially dear; in part because my family didn’t have television when I was a kid. We had what my dad jokingly referred to as “VCR-vision.” It made me the fanatical reader I am today (for which I’ll never complain), but it also made the movies we watched – many of which were borrowed from the local library – our link to the world that our friends were tied to. We were obsessive about our videos as much as any kid today can be about their cable.

Where most of you have been waiting for your favorite tv series to hit DVD, I’ve been pouring through eBay for old Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Go ahead, laugh. I can do a mean “wash that man right outta my hair.” But I’m going to join you out in “normal land” for a moment.

Because Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre did double duty in the ’80s on Showtime and on video, the medium that made it into my house for my little brother and I to watch over and over and over again . . . until it had to make the trip back to the library.

Out in time for the holiday season from Koch Entertainment, Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre is not only a complete series but the equivalent of an entire DVD collection for the family. With the likes of Billy Crystal, Christopher Reeve, Matthew Broderick, Robin Williams and Susan Sarandon taking their star turns to bring the Grimm Brothers’ to the small screen, and legendary directors managing the storytelling behind the screen, Faerie Tale Theatre was a pre-cursor to today’s kids entertainment. Fun for kids, it was engaging for their parents.

Coupled with the card game and book in this special collection, the space this will fill in your movie library makes this worth the investment (and the admittedly higher than I’d usually pay price . . . remember, this is an entire series, 26 separate tales). One mom says she had to search far and wide for this one because it had already sold out – no doubt fueled by the same fond memories I’ve had. So buy early to get this under the tree!

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