Mats on the Move

I didn’t used to get skeeved out by germs. I was the queen of the five-second rule . . . and then some.

Then I had a kid. What she won’t put in her mouth I don’t know. I’ve resorted to screaming, “no, that has cooties on it,” when she reaches for the buckle on the grocery cart and starts pulling it toward her mouth. I thought she’d be well past this by 3, but apparently, my daughter is orally fixated. No, I don’t want to think about what that means. She’s 3 people.

Which also means she’s still working on keeping things in one area when we go out to eat. Stuffed animal of the day will be 5 feet away from the chair, ketchup smeared down the side of the her cup, the whole nine.

Put ’em together, and what have you got? A skeeved out mom who is desperate to keep her food from getting germy. Hello Mobile Mats!

International Playthings has unveiled the two-in-one box of goodies that comes with disposable (or re-usable . . . read on) placemats that look like road ways and come with a car to drive on them. Adhesive strips on the back of the Mobile Mats guarantee they’ll stay in place despite your child’s best efforts to stick French fries beneath them. Leave the strips in place, and they’re sturdy enough to be re-used for extra bang for the buck. And with 20 placemats, that’s plenty of bang. Each box of Mobile Mats comes with a car for motoring around the mat. And check this out – the car is dishwasher safe.

So bring on the ketchup, the salt packets and the orange juice and tell the germs to move on out.

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  2. I wish I had this when ds was a toddler. This would have been perfect.

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