Mommy’s Running Partner

I’m starting to feel like the Forrest Gump of parenting. “Wherever she went, she was running.” Although I’ve got to disagree with the Gumpster. Life is nothing like a box of chocolates. Chocolates I can pick up and squeeze the gushy inside out so I know what’s inside.

I can, however, dress up the outside. I know, I’m so shallow sometimes. But my daughter forgives me when it fills up her closet.

And Ava’s Closet is a kids clothing company that puts materialistic moms to shame. Girl power gets its due with the Doctor Not Diva and President Not Princess duds while mommy and daddy get their own personal nods with Mommy’s Running Partner and Daddy’s Running Partner shirts. The messages hiding in Ava’s Closet pop out on thick cotton tees sized from baby to big kid, and they’re priced to move.

So take a peek inside.

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