Over the Knee and Out of My Wallet

There’s one major problem with kids and cold. Convincing them that the two don’t mix.

My daughter would wear a sundress in December if I let her, only to step out onto the porch and scream, “Mommmmmmmyyyyyy, I’m cold!” Try telling a 3-year-old, “I told you so.”

Yeah, that’s what I thought. Socks and tights. That’s all I’m saying Mom. Socks and tights.

Now where to get them? Soft, funky and stay right where you want ’em knee socks and tights are the name of the game at Tote and Tee. The long pink light bright dots are my pick for warming up the knees in winter. Too girly for your little monkey (or little man?), keep looking. Tote and Tee keeps childhood kid-centric with alphabet tees that make them want to jump around and birthday hats scream “let’s party.”


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  1. Oh my gosh, my daughter would flip out over these. Off to check out that site now. Oh Santa….. ;)Thanks for the tip!

  2. Ok. I don’t have a girl, but these sure make me wish I did. How great are these. I want a pair.

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