Say Goodbye to Blanket Forts

If there was anything that could bring together a brother and sister with a wide age gap and a relationship akin to oil and water it was a rainy Saturday afternoon spent in the living room with a pile of blankets.

Make that the only thing.

But every family has to have something. And blanket forts provided the meaning for my little brother’s existence when I was a kid. They were merely the BANE of my mother’s existence. After 20-some-odd years, I’m starting to understand why. Each time my daughter spreads a perfectly clean blanket across our floor to play “restaurant” or descends on the living room with arms full of babies who need to be wrapped up in warmth, I cringe. I just want my nice, neat, folded blanket to stay cat-fur free and ready for the next time I curl up with a good book. But let her miss out on rainy afternoons crawling in the fort?

Not on your life.

Connectables from The Happy Kid Company
take fort-making to another level of imagination with bright nylon ripstop taking place of Mom’s blankets and durable fabric tabs that keep the whole thing together. Imagine, a fort that won’t fall in on your when you make a sudden movement! Reminiscent of the old gym class parachute, the ripstop will stand up to being dragged around the house to make a hideaway in the kitchen corner, hall beside the bedroom or the old living room standby.

Designed for ages 3 and up, Connectables can be used in conjunction with The Happy Kid Company’s Fortamajig, another fort-making blanket replacement, or on its own.

So stow the blankets and let them connect with imagination.

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  1. What a great idea. I think I maybe adding this under the tree.

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